Designed from the inside out

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    The Hull lounge was named after its intricate form, inspired by traditional boat building construction. Designed from the inside out the Hull lounge is incredibly efficient in both form and construction.

    A unique framing technique, minimizes materials and increases strength.

    Constructed from a single sheet of eco plywood the Hull’s lozenge shaped form tapers in all directions creating a minimal, slim lounge with subtle curves, ensuring maximum comfort. With entirely seamless upholstery from every angle, the Hull lounge intelligently avoids any visible zips or fittings.


    Hull offers a variety of base options that include solid timber Walnut, Ash or stained black, upholstery, and a memory return swivel base (single lounge only).

    Hull features small and large ottomans, single and double seat lounges with high and low back options. It is finished in your choice of approved contract fabric or leather and features an optional European cross stitch detail, with the thread available in a range of colours.



    Honest Design, true to materials and its process. Tom Fereday develops products based on the principle of honest design, conveying a design process which celebrates the materials and manufacturing processes behind furniture and products. By using the environment as a positive design constraint he guides intelligent and thoughtful design outcomes which connect with people through natural materials, tactile finishes and innovative design. I strive to create enduring designs which are meaningful to people and their environment.